Don’t hesitate another minute please take away my heart
Yes, the sharper the better, the night that even the moon has closed her eyes
If it were any other man, if it were a single verse taken from a comedy
Burn all the scars you’ve exchanged for that love

Baby don’t cry tonight after the darkness passes

Baby don’t cry tonight it’ll become as if it never happened
You’re not the one to disappear into foam, something you never should’ve known

So baby don’t cry my love will protect you

Exchanging only our separate fates that lead to one another
As inevitable as it seemed that we’d miss, I know we loved just as much
When you smile, sun shines a brilliance you can’t fit into a framework of language
The waves crash my heart and crumble down

Baby don’t cry tonight a night plagued by violent storms
As if the sky will fall

Baby don’t cry tonight It’s slightly befitting
To let you go at a moment that shines more brilliantly than tears like this
So baby don’t cry my love will be remembered

Above the dark shade of pain, at the doorsteps of farewell
Even if I take a brutal fall, I can manage if it were for you
Instead I’ll give myself to you who don’t know me
Don’t cry, give me chilling laughter instead of hot tears baby.

Say no more
Please don’t hesitate at the moment you’ll become foam

Say no more
So you can remain as a shining person, burn me with that dagger instead

The moonbeam that brims up in your eyes
This night that silently overflows with pain

The early sunlight comes down
A blinding force that reminds me of you comes down
At last my eyes that lost their way cry


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